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A travel through time

Last week you guessed correctly that my name is Ibn Khaldoun. Very good! Today I will show you some of my statements and theories, which are often quoted until today. Many people believe that they describe the reality today well, although I do not live in your time at all.

1.“The study of history is at first glance just an accumulation of information, but when you look more closely, you realize that you should think deeper and investigate. „

Question: Is it enough to just memorize historical numbers and information?

2 „Injustice is a sign and measure of how far a civilization is perishing.“
Explanation: If there is much injustice, then the society or the city or the state will be very ruined. But if there is only a small amount of injustice, then it has only a small negative effect on the development of that place.

3. „The defeated peoples always imitate everything very eagerly which the victorious people do.“
Explanation: As little children like to imitate their parents

4. „Politics means to rule a house or city as virtue and wisdom dictate, so that the people may be guided to a path that will ensure the existence and continued existence of the species.“

I was surprised by the terms :existence and continuation of the species. Who is talking here?

5.“The community spirit is a natural predisposition of human beings that has always existed.“

6.“The deceptions that hide behind the mask of religion are a business that brings in much profit in times of intellectual regression.“

7. „Bedouins are braver than city dwellers. The reason: city dwellers lead comfortable, quiet lives of luxury and pleasure, trusting their ruler to protect them and their property.“

8. „Out of difficult times come strong men,strong men build wealth and luxury, wealth in turn creates weak men, weak men cause difficult times“.
Do you see history repeating itself ?

Can you match the pictures with the quotes?


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