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Who am I ?

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Who am I ?

I was born in Tunisia in the year 732 after the emigration of the Prophet.
My family was very educated, religious and politically influential.
My father taught me the Koran by heart as a child. My family owned a large farm in what is now the city of Seville. I worked in many different jobs, in different places, and traveled a lot, I was in Marrakech, Iberia, Tunisia, Cairo, today’s Saudi Arabia, Damascus and Levant. I taught at various universities, for example at Al-Qarawīyīn University in Fez, which was founded by two sisters, and at Alazhar in Cairo. By the way, I was very popular in Cairo. I taught Malikite law and worked as a judge in Cairo and Damascus for many years. I was also an ambassador and diplomat in negotiations between different states, and I also held responsible positions in politics and administration.
Not only in the Arab world, but in the whole world, I am highly respected until today. I have learned and read a lot from former scholars, scientists and intellectuals, critically questioned old knowledge and always sought the truth, even if it was against my opinion. So I was able to find many new ideas and theses. Sociology, history, ecistics ( science of human settlements), in all these sciences I discovered many new things and for many people I am considered the modern founder of these disciplines. I considered facts separately from myths and searched for the reasons of historical events. Western scholars liked it very much that I separated historical science from religion. 
I lost my family, my friends, my acquaintances, all of them, in 749 after the Prophet’s emigration, when the plague broke out.Therefore, I focused only on scientific writing after that.  My famous works are called Kitab al-ʿibar and Muqaddima.
I died in Cairo in 1406 AD. Do you now know who I am?

You can read that in Arabic and German, with questions.

Wer bin ich?

Part 2 in English


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